From the early 90s to the early 2000s, both my dad and a friend of his would “premiere” sound collage mixtapes to each other that they had made from samples of CKUT’s craziest broadcasts from 1992-1997.

Fast forward 30+ years later, where I (a 17-year-old volunteer at CKUT) and a group of lost media enthusiasts have tasked ourselves with the retrieval and identification of every sample from these cassette tapes. We’ve made great progress; we now know a ton of new artists we hadn’t heard of before, and we’re now in possession of my dad’s original master tapes of the station at its most enigmatic.

So join us as we dive deep into CKUT’s past and uncover tracks that shouldn’t exist.

If you know anything regarding these tracks, please email me at

“Tribal Echoes” – Tribal industrial track from the mid 90s, probably off a CD, possibly from the UK.


“Solemn Strings” – Melancholic classical track from same tape as Tribal Echoes, possibly off a CD.