Been in a minute since I’ve seen a proper metal show and I missed the blowout metal insanity in September of last year for horrible reasons waaay beyound my control. So I was stoked to see the mighty Necrot come up to headline a gig in la belle ville de Montréal. Apparently not their first visit either. But that was news to me. I’ve been following this band since around 2013 when The Abyss tape came out on Bloodivine. They absolutely ruled and the opener Street Tombs from New Mexico killed it as well. Necrot’s new record features a nut-crusher called “Drill The Skull” – and that seemed to be a highlight for the audience. A great night of Death Metal all around. Couldn’t be happier to see a gig downtown, when was the last time you saw a gig west of Place Des Arts? Here I am checking in with the american metal underground across from the Eaton Centre? Anyhooops, Montreal showed up, the full range was there: new kids just getting into the unholy genre and ancient Queb bangers who will chew your ear off about seeing Damnation at the Purple Haze or whatever…Johnny the accountant said he was gonna be there but he wasn’t but that’s ok I guess. The legend Brian Damage was there though. 10/10