Camera Obscura @ Fairmount May 31 2024

A note to North American fans of charmingly twee Scottish indie pop: “look to the east” no longer! Glaswegian indie pop veterans Camera Obscura are slated to perform at Montreal’s delightfully intimate Fairmount Theatre on May 31, 2024.

10 years after releasing their last album Desire Lines, Camera Obscura treated fans to the brand-new, 11-track Look to the East, Look to the West earlier this month. As enchanting and humble as they sounded a decade ago, Look to the East weaves sweeping strings with velvety pedal steel to achieve the band’s quintessential vintage sound.

Camera Obscura will be supported by Photo Ops this summer on their 20-city North American tour, with Montreal being the third stop. As lead vocalist Tracy anne Campbell lilts in the album’s title track, Camera Obscura’s visit to the Mile End this Friday is sure to “blow your blues away.” 🌬️ 🎶