CKUT Music Dept. is Looking For New Show Proposals

CKUT's Music Department is on the lookout for new show proposals. Here are some details about the process:

Music Programming at CKUT is oriented around independent and creative music that is not represented on mainstream commercial radio in Montreal.

CKUT’s programming schedule is developed and monitored by the Programming Committee. The Programming Committee accepts proposals for new shows at any time. There is no set formula for putting together a show proposal. However, a complete proposal should contain the following elements:

● a name – choose a name or names that would be appropriate for the show.
● the date – please include the date of submission
● the mandate – who will it serve? why is it important? what are the goals and objectives?
● the contributors/producers/programmers – who will work on the show? what is their experience? how will coordinators/producers ensure fair and collective participation?
● the language – shows may be in any language but must be at least 50% French, English, or an Indigenous language from so-called North America.
● the length – how long and how often would the ideal program be?
● the resources – what will be needed from CKUT? technical or research assistance? physical or staff resources?
● content ideas – what kinds of topics will be covered over the course of 4– 5 months?
● an outline – write up a mock show outline: detail the programming minute by minute, including the track names and artists of all musical selections.
● a demo – record an example of a typical show, and submit it on CD or in a digital format.

New program proposals should fulfill the following objectives:

● The show contributes to the fulfillment of CKUT’s Mandate and Statement of Principles.
● The show offers unique programming not currently available on the airwaves.
● The demo reflects the proposed program’s format and content, as well as the experience, strengths and technical capabilities of the programmer(s) involved.

Program proposals and any questions about show proposals should be sent to

Please get in touch with if you need assistance recording a demo.

Feel free to send this to any friends who might be interested.