Magic Sound Box 2009

The Magic Sound Box is a live radio transmission art show (or tell...) that takes the audience inside Radioland - inside the magic sound box - highlighting the many talents of CKUT, exploring the limits of aural imagination and indulging in the intimacy of sound.

On November 19, 2009 amateur and veteran sound-makers created an enclosed area with large swaths of fabric, turned off the lights… and made radio. The audience was inside the box, the performers were on the outside. Rest your eyes and let the sounds of CKUT tickle your ears.

Featuring Rachel Ní Chuinn, Neil Griffin, Liz Pieries, Nick Dodd, Tony Vaughn, Rafael Sacramento, Nimalan Yoganathan, Erin Weisgerber, Eric Boivin, Caroline Kunzle, Courtney Kirkby, Cathy Inouye, Dominique Ferraton, Nathaly Arraiz, and the CKUT Circuit Workshop.

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