SILVER MOON X, a video/soundscape project encompassing "analogue and digital, fantasy and reality," will be presented at La Sotterenea on June 3rd.

Stefan Christoff: SILVER MOON X was born at CKUT radio during the brief conversations between Free City Radio and FFiles weekly broadcasts. Julia often hosted before I arrived at the station to begin my weekly program. In these exchanges, the idea of collaboration began to take shape. Our first album was released this year on Aural Canyon Records in Texas, and now we are releasing a glitchy and experimental video work in collaboration with Guillaume Vallée. The video will be screened for the first time at Suoni Per Il Popolo 2023, with a bold vision expressed throughout the city. Join us on Saturday, June 3, at La Sotterenea, the basement of 4848 St. Laurent. All are welcome!