A History of CKUT Programming

Here is a list of every* show that has aired on CKUT since 1987 and the years that they were on air.

*If we've missed something, let us know! admin@ckut.ca

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Show Title Dates
14 Letter “S” Word  
27 Ideas before then 1991
27th Hour 2011-today
3rd Ear Movement 1999
7 Nights To Rock 1987
A Cour de Notes  
A Crack in the Woofer 1988-93
A Gozar 1988
A la Journee Longue 1991-93
A Shot in the Dark 1992-96, 1999
A Silent Action Film 2012-2014
A Time for Reflection 1994
A.k.a. Velvet 1993
A.M. Hygien 1994
A.M.A. (A multilingual affair) 2020
A.S.O.A.A.L.O.T. 2007
Aack! 1991-?
Accasayls 1995-96
Access Special  
Adrian’s Corner  
Adventures In Music 1992-today
African Music  
AfriCan Rhythms 1987
Air Guitar 1990
All Da Way Live 2012-today
All Kanien’keha Radio Show 2021-2024
All Things McGill ?-today
Alright, Now What? 2021-today
AM Hygiene 1993
Amandla 1991-2023
Amateur Sport  
Ambient Encounters 1991-92
America Latina 1991-today
Amour Erotisme 1988
An Elimination Dance  
An Even Keel 2009
Another State of Mind 1989
Anything Goes 1991-today
Apollo’s Lunch Box 1988
Art Seen & Heard 2013
Astro Nautico  
Atomic Oven 1989
Audio Smut 2005-today
Aural Stage  
B-Train 1991-95
B.W. Video 1987
Baby Pop 1990
Backroads Adventure Radio 1995
Ballades Des Furries 1996, 2002
Barrelful of Blues 1987-88
BasabasaSoukou Soundz 1988-today
Basements & Balconies 1991
Bats & Cats & Egypt 1987
Beach Blanket Bingo 1996
Belly of the Beast  
Beyond the Horizon 2007
Bhum Bhum Tyme 1992-today
Big Dumb Rock 2005
Blue Monday 1987-88
Bluegrass Rambling 1988-today
Blues Before Sunrise  
Bollywood Dhamaka 2002-?
Brain Dead 1987
Breadline Beat 2005
Breathing Fire  
Bupkes Mit Raizints 1992-93
Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts 1994-today
Butterfield 8 1993-95
Cabelli Presente  
Caca phonograph  
Café 1996-today
Camping Out  
Campus Montreal  
Can You Take It? 2006-2007
Car Tune Canada 1987
Cargo Cult 1988
Cassettes 1987
Celtic Communion 1991-96, 1999
Cent et Une Chansons 1991
Centre-Ville Exquisite  
Cha Cha Cha in Blue 1994-today
Channel 01 – 05  
Chaud Pour Le Mont Stone ?-today
Chibougamou By bus 1991
Chicago Hope  
Cite-gaie 2000
City Sound Underground 2010
Clamdiggers Anon  
Cloud of Snakes and Parrots 1991
Comedy 1987
Comme Une Boomerang 1987-99
Communal Apocalypse 1991
contemporary madness 2000
Counterspin 1995-today
Country Classics 1991- today
Country Show 1988
Criminal Justice/social justice 1999-
Crunch n Grunt 1993-96
Cups & Cakes 1988-1992
Curious and Curiouser  
Current 2005-?
Cuts 1988, 1991-94
Cypher 1999-?
D_Formations 2004
D.J. Genius & the Prophet  
Da French Connection 1999-?
Danger in Paradise 1987-91-93
Dark Before Dawn  
De La Vielle
Death of Nihilism  
Deconstructing Composers 1987-88
Deep Blue Sea 1995-96
Deformations 2003
Desi Beats ?-today
Desi Dhamaka  
Dial (Do It and Live) 2005
Dialectes 2005
Digital Decaydio  
Digital Delirium  
Dirty Minds at 4 am 1996
Displaced Dust 1991
DJ Edit turn the Tide 2003
Do you want new wave or do you want the truth? 2003
Dobbin’s Den 1995-?
Don’t Need No Pigs  
Dope on Plastic  
Down in Front  
Dragonroot Radio ?-2021
Drastic Plastic 1987-today
Dromotexte 1987-today
Duck Truck Radio 2010
Duniya 2002-?
Dykes on Mykes 1991-2018
Ear of the Beholder 1991-96
Earth Chronicles 1994
Earth ON air  
Earth Tremors  
Ecco La Liricca 1991
Echoes of Punjab 1993-96
Ecolibrium 2003-today
El Guero’s Albums (first called Latin) 1987-91-93-96
Electric Eclectic 1987
Electro Luxe 1993
Electrolysis 2003
elephants in the Door Yard  
En Profondeur 2006-today
End of the Bengining  
End of the World 1993-96
Enough is More than a Feast ?-today
Ent. $ Zoreilles 1987
Entertainment Thru Pain 1996-?
Entre Ciel et Terre 1994-
Entre Parentheses 1991, 2000
ESL 2006-today
Exquisite Corpse  
Face to Face 1991-96
Faculty of Music 1987
Fallopian Underground 1992-93
Fast and Bulbous 1995-96
Feel Beat 1992
Fervor 1994
ffiles (formerly XX files) 2020-today
Final Solution 1987
Floorwax 2002
Folk Directions 2007-today
Folk Lore 1987-88
Folk Roots Folk Branches 1994-2007
Folk Spirit  
For The Life Of Our world 1994-95-96
Forbidden Planet  
Found and Bound 2006-2007
Francis et Les Exerciseurs 1994-today
Free City Radio 2013
Free Kick 2006
Free Radicals  
Freezone 1990-2000
Friday Night Groove (becomes Weekend Groove) 1991-today
Friday Night Sports Special 1987
Friends 1991-93
Frightening Effects of Higher Ed  
From Ragtime to No Time 1991-92-93
Full Circle 1991-today
Funky Revolutions ?-today
Future Classic Radio 2005
Future is Now 2022-today
Garden of Delight 1991
Gay and Grey Live 2023-today
Gen and Clo 1999-?
General 5 1987
Girls Meet World 2023-today
Going To A Country That Sounds Like McGill  
Great Balls of Fire  
Grey Matters  
Groundbreakers ?-2019
Guttenberg’s Record Player 1988-91
Hang Loose  
Harbinger Showcase 2023-today
Harlem Nocturne 1988-91
Harmony Express  
Harvey Christ Radio Hour 2001
Head Cheez 1988
Health on Earth 2006-2022
Heavy Rotation 2007
Hersay 1991-today
Hip Hop  
Hittin’ Switches 1987
Horrors of Ivan  
Hotel De Blues ?-today
Housing Issues & Tenants rights 2005
I Feel a Song Coming ON  
I Forgot And I Can’t Tell  
If I had a Hammer 1993-1999
If You Got Ears 1991-today
Igiji.Loy.Loy.Loy 2003
Ill Groove Garden 1996-today
In from the cold 1999
In less than 60 seconds 1987
In The Motherhood 2013-2023 (on hiatus)
In to the Void 2006
Index Recs 1991
Indian Time 1996
Insomniacs and early risers  
Insomniacs Companion 1990-91
International Radio Report 1987-today
Into the Hot 1991-
It Could All Be So Simple 2019
It’s Only Rock n Roll  
Iubilius 2007
J.A.C. on the Air 1994
Jazz Amuck 1991-today
Jazz Death 1987-?
Jazz Euphorium 1987-88, ?-today
Jazzland 1991-?
Jet Set Discotek 2011
Just an Immigrant 1992-96
Kafka’s Children 1991
Ken & Barbie  
Kill Ugly Radio  
Kooler Than Jesus 1988
Kulture de Javex 1994
L’Aire du Diable ?-today
L’avenir de la Philphonie  
L’heure est au libre! 2006
L’Oeil Rechargeable 1988
La Bete Culturelle 1996
La Résistance 1987
La Voix des Immigrants ?-today
Labour Radio ?-today
Late Night Atrocity Exhibition 2004
Later with Jack Dee 1987-92-95-96
Latin America show 2005
Latin Music Mondays 1995-today
Latin Time / Tiempo Latino 1991-today
Le Complexe de Javex 1991-93-95
Le Lendemain de la Veille 1991-today
LegalEase 1991-today
Legion of Brutality 2004
Les Fils de la Terre 1991
Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune 1991-92-93
Lesbo-sons (ballades des furies) 2006-today
Let’s Get Baked 2007
Let’s Talk  
Life of Our World 1993
Lion’s Den 1993
Listen You Smell Something 2009-today
Listening to Latin America 1996-today
Literature Montreal 1993-95
Lo Signal 2014-today
Local Journalism Initiative Stories 2023-today
Long & Hard  
Lost Wax Method 1991
Lunadic Wax 1991-96
Lust Never Sleeps 1991-95
Macondo ?-today
Made In Brazil 1999-today
Madhuraga 1999
Maintenant L’Amerique Latin  
Mashing With Mandelephant 2007-2007
Mass Unit Wounded 2005
Masters at Work 1991-today
Mi-Barrio 2007
Mind Drop 1991-94
Mind Soul & Spirit 1992-today
Modular Systems ?-today
Modus Novus 1991
Mom’s Little Monster  
Moms dads & Kraft dinner 1995
Montreal Jewish Magazine 1991-2007
Montreal Sound Ark ?-today
More Like Space 1999
Mornin’ Roll & Tumble 1991-93
Movement Museum  
Movie Movie  
Muct 2005
Music for Big Ears 1994-96
Nameless Gaudeamus 1991
Native Solidarity News 1999-2018
Native Tongue 1991-93
Near East Beat 2011
New Age 1987
New Age Reporter  
New Born Reggae Ting 2007
New Dawn Fades 1996
New Era Building 1999-
New Republicanz 1987-91-93
New Shit 1991-today
New Spins 1996
New Voices 2022-today
Newsmag 1987
Night Train 2006
Nighthawks at the Diner 2000-2004
Nipivut 2015-2022
No Borders Media ?-today
No, I’m Iron Man: The Story of Dikembe Mutombo 2006
Noise Not Borders: La Hora del Ruido 2023-today
North of the Border 1987-88
Not of this World 1987
Nouvelles Expressions  
Now Sounds of Today  
O-Stories 2013-?
Off Campus 1987
Off The Beaten Track  
Off The Hook 1997-today
Off the Hour ?-today
Off Tonic  
One Nation Under Groove 2000
Only Opera 1987-88
Opal Hour  
Other Worlds on Earth 2023-today
Out of lines ?-2019
OWL (Older Women Live) 2013-today
Panacea 2023-today
Parallax View  
Phrrr 1993
Pir@te et Libre 2000-today
Pirate Bloc Radio  
Point-Virgule 1991-93
Pollack Hall  
Pomocomo 1991
Pop Goes the Beatles 1987
Positive Vibes 1987-today
Post Modernist  
Powder 2020
Premiers Délires 2002 – 2006
Presence Haitienne  
Pressbox 1987
Pretty Darn Chewy 1995
Psychic Hygiene 1991
Publicieé 1991-92
Pure and Simple 2000
Pure Pop for Twisted People 1995-?
Quebec-Acadie en Musique 1991-today
Queercorps 1991-today
Radio Active 1996
Radio AlHara 2023-today
Radio Art 1988
Radio Endurance 1994-96
Radio Free Vestibule 1991
Radio Is Dead 2009-today
Radio Lester Bangs 2002
Radio Moon 2013
Radio Renoviction 2022-today
Radio Rosa 1987
radio smut  
Radio Stage  
Radio TET 2024-today
Radio Uhuru 1987
Radio-Lezzard 1988
Radyo Kapwa 2022-today
Reality Attack  
Rebel Beat 2015-2016
Reel to Reel Cacophony 1988
Reggae 1987
Reggae Beat International 1987
Religare 1991
Rhythm and Bruises  
Rhythm in the City 1991
Rita Radio  
Rock & Roll Root Round up 1996, 1999
Rock and Roll Radio 2007-2009
Rock and Roll Time Machine  
Roots Rock Rebel 2003
Roots Rock Reggae 1994-today
Rude Ras Music 1991
Rude Rude Radio 2004
Sac of Crud 1995
Sadisitic Radio Therapy 2005
Sale Adolesence/ Gas Salad 1991-93-95
Samedi Midi 1991
Sang? Non!  
Sangeet 1991-92-93
Savoy Hour 1987
Scabs 1995
Scarlet Manuka 1993
Scratches of Spain  
Scrivener Series 1991
Seriously Twisted Morning Show  
Seven Nights to Rock 1988
Sexy Like Make Believe 2000
Shades of Green 1992
Shapla Shaluk 1991
Shmoozing 1993
Show for Children 2023-today
Shtetl on the Shortwave  
Sigaw Ng Bayan 1999
Single Eye 1992-1993
Skewing The Waves 2005-today
Skinbusy 1991
Slang Bang 1991
Soca Sessions 2006-today
soft Furniture 1987
Sojourns in Slumberland 2022
Sojourns in Space 2021
Solo for Two Voices 1995-96
Solovox 2002
Some funky Live Drug  
Somewhere en Ville 1991-92
sonali Dheu 1992-93
sonart ? – today
Sonic Disaster 1995
Sons D’Esprit 1991
Soul Food  
Soul Perspectives 1999-today
Sound of Soul 1992-today
Sound Supreme Show 1991
Soundcheck 1991
Soundings 1992-95
Sounds from the Street 1987
Sounds of Steel 2006
Sounds Positive 1996
Souverains Anonymes 1991-?
Space bop ?, 1999
Space Plane  
Spitfiyah 2004-?
Sports Minded  
Stateless Society 1991
Staycore 2003-2005
STEMinism 2023-today
stereOphobic 1991-today
Strathcona Sampler 1996
Struct Culture Biosterique 1995-96
Sub_urban soundlab 2000
Subterannean Jungle 1987-91-95-96
Superwax 2013-2017
Survivors Corner 2018-today
Sylvanus On air 1987
Syrup Moose Radio 2024-today
Systeme Minuit 1991-92-94
Ten Feet of the Ground 1991
Terminal 5 2014-today
Thale’s Well 1999-2000
The Avalanche 2010-2022
The Blue Truck Show  
The Breadline Beat  
The Cat’s Game 1987
The CFRM World Service  
The Crow Jangle 2000
The Directory 1988
The Duchess of Dead Air 1991
The Dump 2005
The Earth Experience 1988
The Elefriends Show 2002
The Empower Hour 2020-today
The Enormous Mouth  
The Environment in Canada 2024-today
The flipping Birds 2006-07
The Folk Zone  
The Goods 2005
The Hearing Trumpet 1994-1995, 1999-
The Homo Show  
The Hydra’s Lair 2006
The Lat Late Late Show  
The Lizard Room  
The Long and the Short of It 2016
The Mash Time Show ?-today
The McGill Ledge 2003
The Midnight Science 1991
The Montreal Sessions 2007-today
The Morning After ?-today
The Morning Detour 2018-today
The Movement Museum 2003
The Music is. . .  
The Music of Sound 1995-99
The Naked Voice from?,1999
The Nappy Reggae Dubout 1999
The New Spins Library (formerly Wednesday Morning After) ?-today
The nuisance Ground 1991
The Palestinian Corner 2002
The Psychotic Hour 1991
The Real Stuff  
The Realm of Chaos 2003
The Roundabout 2005
The Show with No Name 2005
The Soup Pot 1994
The Sprawl 1999-2000
The Suite Delight 2013-today
The Taste of Music 2024-today
The Theme Team 2009
The Tunnel ?-today
The Widening Gyre  
The Witching Hour 2011
Theatre of Cruelty 1991-96
Theme Team  
Third Ear Movement  
This is Country 1991
This Show is History 1988
this week’s Mrs Doug  
Thread the Needle 1999?
tiga & Gnat 1993-96
Time is 4 Clocks ?-today
Top seventeen  
Top Thirty 1988
Total Eclipse of the Chart 2009-today
toutEs ou pantoute 2022-today
Transforming the Airwaves 2022-2023
Tranzister Radio 2013-today
Travel Radio 1991
Travelling Avant 1991
Treyf 2015-2021
Troisieme Acte 1991-93
Tropiques 1996-2006, summer 2007
True Fine Love  
Turn Down The Suck 2012-2013
Turn The Tide 2005
Turning Japanese 1999
Twentieth Century Classical  
Twenty-seven Ideas Since Then  
Twisting Tongues 1994-99
Two & a half pounds of bacon 1993
Two Shades of Blue  
Umoja 1991-93
Under The Olive Tree 2006-today
Underground Sounds 1988, 1991, 2000-today
Une Fille et son punk rock 2000
Unicorn Allstar Jamboree 1999
Unmitigated Tetanus Hour 1991
Unstable Matt’s Sadistic Radio Therapy 2003
Upstage ?-today
Urban Indigenous Radio 2018-?
Utopia’s Paradise 1992-today
Venus 1999 – today
Victorious and Invincible 1999-today
Voice of America 1987
voice of the Poor 1991-95
Voice of the Voiceless  
Voices from the edge  
Voices of Montreal ?-today
VOKO/ Voice of Korea! 2000-today
Vox Americana 1987
Walk ON 1991-92
Warehouse Sounds 1991
WarpCore 2020-today
Wave Forms  
Waxing Deep 2002
Waxy Build UP 1995
Week In Review  
Weekend Groove 1991-today
WeFunk 1997-today
West Indian Rhythms 1988-today
West Island on the Air  
West-Indian 1987
What’s Up With Work Lately? 2023-today
Where’s The Beat 2000-?
White and Black 1988
White Noize 2002
Whole Wheat Jazz Show  
Whoop Dee Doo 1990
Wings of a Dove 1999-?
Wireless Operation  
Wombeat Fables  
Woop Dee Doo  
Word from Ireland 1988
Words and Culture 2024-today
World Service 1987
World Skip the Beat 1994-today
World Wide Hope 1993
XX Files (became ffiles) 1997-2020(-today)
Yabba Dabba Doo 1991
Yellow Door 1987
You Need A Heart To Live 2014-today
Your Radio Is Broken 2005
Your Radio Is Broken 2005
Z’Ondes Alterees 1993