The CKUT Sessions – Dayhills

World Creation Studio is a non-profit organization that provides emerging artists with accessible studio space, one-on-one artistic mentorship, and opportunities to explore new creative avenues. Our space offers a platform for artists to develop within a vibrant community of musicians, digital artists, technologists, and makers who are eager to share their knowledge and form new collaborations.

Dayhills (Isaiah Iseghohi) is a Montreal based artist with a passion for crafting emotionally driven and thought-provoking work at the intersection of sound and image. With years of experience in the music industry, Dayhills output spans across genres- ranging from hip-hop, electronic, pop and R&B, where his ability to create captivating and diverse productions has landed him notable collaborations, including ‘Video Games’ featuring Sun, and ‘Yuteman Dennis’ with Skiifall & Charlotte Cardin. Most recently, Dayhills is working with AI in both music and visual art to explore the relationship between human creativity and technology.