BEST of 2004: The Year CKUT Burned The Comet Fire over The Arcade Fire

Although we played and loved the Arcade Fire like everyone else and their cousin, we also really felt some handmade, sent out of the blue shit!

Year ends always suck because you can always guess what the fuck is going to be on them. At this point I bet you can’t guess what will be on our bests .that’s how we like it. That’s what our station is about! Although we played and loved the Arcade Fire like everyone else and their cousin we also really felt some handmade, sent out of the blue shit! Whatever. 2004 was insane. Some ways I’m glad its over. So I’ll drop the big news/gossip on ya’ll in 2005.

See you then.

And yeah we pretty much all agree on Blue Cathedral!

The Music Office in action, sometime in the early 2000s


CKUT-FM JAZZ AMUCK (Fridays 9-11:30am)   ‘faves’ from 2004   by john b

brotzmann/mcphee/kessler/zerang – tales out of time – hatology/fusion iii

denis gonzalez’s inspiration band – nile river suite – daagnim

douglas/sclavis/lee/van der schyff  –  bow river falls  –  premonition ©

fred anderson + hamid drake – back together again – thrill jockey

albert ayler – holy ghost – revenant

art ensemble of chicago – sirius calling – pi recordings

atomic/school days – nuclear assembly hall – okka disk

dennis gonzalez new south 5tet – old time revival – entropy stereo

matthew shipp – harmony + abyss – thirsty ear

myra melford’s the tent – where the two worlds touch – arabesque

vandermark 5 – elements of style, excercises in surprise – atavistic

john heward trio – laissez-passer – drimala ©

anthony braxton 4tet – 23 standards (4tet) 2003 – leo

dirty dozen brass band  – funeral for a friend – rope a dope

evan parker electro-acoustic ens. – memory/vision – ecm/universal

ernest dawkins’ new horizons ens. – mean ameen – delmark

freedom of the city 2003 – small groups – emanem

hugh ragin – revelation – justin time

tom walsh’s noma – diversion – dame ©

ted sirota’s rebel souls – breeding resistance – delmark


ten instances of why music kept me alive in 2004:

– thermals – fuckin A (sub pop)

– chris corsano & paul flaherty live @ suoni festival (& the jaw-dropping

efforts of the per il popolo fest in general – seriously, we are SO lucky!)

– holy sons – i want to live a peaceful life (film guerrero)

– shannon wright w/ christina files live @ casa del popolo

– sufjan stevens – seven swans (sounds familyre)

– hot snakes live @ sala rossa

– minus story – the captain is dead, let the drum corpse dance (jagjaguwar)

– the gossip live @ main hall

– chris brokaw – my confidante + 3 ep (12XU)

– (tie) a silver mount zion’s 2-nite stand @ sala rossa

– (tie) black heart procession & enon @ cabaret

– (tie) whiskey sours & dinner w/ thalia zedek on a cooold february nite

(aka my most perfect evening of the year)


lorrie of aack!! (fri 3-5pm)


:::top 15:

1. comets on fire . blue cathedral . subpop

and in no particular order

tan as fuck . (sars)chasm . audiobot

metalux . waiting for armadillo . load

holzkopf . this cd is an apology . dainty deathy CC

henry flynt & the insurrections . i don’t wanna . locust/bo weavil


ilhan mimaroglu . agitation . locust

713avo amor . horrores varios de la estupidez actual . compañia de

sueños ilimitada

mouthus . s/t . psych-o-path

yellow swans . bring the neon war home . narnack

unireverse . plays the music of quebec and other planets . total zero CC

wolf eyes . burned mind . subpop

lsd march . kanashimino bishounen . hp cycle

tower recordings . galaxies’ incredible sensual transmission field of

the tower recordings . communion

ramon sender . worldfood . locust

simon finn . pass the distance . durtro/jnana

:::honorable mentions (i wanna wear thick glasses too .)

acid mothers temple . mantra of love . alien8

faust vs dalek . derbe respect, alder . klangbad

ova! + happy mothers day i can’t see . split . freedom from records

double leopards . halve maen . eclipse

kawabata makoto & jean-francois pauvros . venus . psf

damo suzuki & cul de sac

black dice . miles of smiles . dfa

danger mouse . the grey album . ?

boredoms . seadrum/house of the sun . warner japan

revelons . anthology . sepia tone

doctor mix & the remix . wall of noise . acute

boyd rice – non . terra incognita: ambient works 1975 – present . mute

amps for christ . the people at large . 5rc


sun city girls @ la sala rossa . montreal

henry grimes, hamid drake, sabir mateen and daniel carter @ la sala

rossa . montreal

rufus harley and the unireverse @ la sala rossa . montreal

nautical almanac @ CKUT . montreal

sonic youth @ metropolis . montreal

lesbians on ecstasy @ ? . montreal

holzkopf @ casa del poppolo . quebec

the ex + han bennink @ victoriaville . quebec

nadja @ la sala rossa . montreal

emil beulieau @ casa del poppolo . montreal

grand moffworks @ ritmo y compas . madrid



Anna (Venus – Thursdays 12-2pm)

word… I’m not at my most lucid right now but here’s what I seem to recall listening to the most over the past year, in no particular order:

– The Fiery Furnaces / Blueberry Boat / Rough Trade

– Various / Hot Women… From The Torrid Regions (Compiled by Robert

Crumb) / Kein & Aber

– The Casual Dots / The Casual Dots / Kill Rock Stars

– Lesbians On Ecstacy / Lesbians On Ecstacy / Alien8

– The Hidden Cameras / Mississauga Goddamn / Rough Trade

– Deerhoof / Milk Man / Kill Rock Stars

– Mirah / C’mon Miracle / K Records

– The Organ / Grab That Gun / Mint

– Mixel Pixel / Rainbow Panda / independent

– The Arcade Fire / Funeral / Merge


Steve Guimond – CKUT 90.3 fm music programming coordinator and host of New Shit (Mondays 3-5pm)

Top 10 (no specific order)

josephine foster & the supposed – all the leaves are gone – locust

albert ayler – holy ghost – revenant

isaiah owens – you without sin cast the first stone –  casequarter

richard buckner – dents and shells –  merge

afrozizz – kif kif – do right  CC

fennesz – venice – touch

various – version city rockers – antifaz

k-os – joyful rebellion – emi  CC

madvillain – madvillainy – stones throw

david cross – it’s not funny – sub pop

Honourable Mentions

follow follow – follow follow – self cd-r  CC

arcade fire – funeral – merge  CC

comets on fire – blue cathedral – sub pop

black keys – rubber factory – fat possum

john vanderslice – cellar door – barsuk

greg davis – curling pond woods – carpark

the dead texan – the dead texan – kranky

growing – the soul of the rainbow and the harmony of the light – kranky

sixtoo – chewing on glassŠ – ninja tune  CC

sufjan stevens – seven swans – sounds familyre

dragons 1976 – on cortez – locust

the montgomery express – does ‘party fever’ and other songs of the

montgomery express – ikef

ted sirota’s rebel souls – breeding resistance – delmark

scorch trio – luggumt – rune grammofon

deadbeat – something borrowed, something blue – scape  CC

matt pond pa – emblems – altitude

calamalka – shredder’s dub – plug research  CC

brian wilson – smile – nonesuch

juana molina – tres cosas – domino

various – afro baby – soundway

vetiver – vetiver – dicristina

dennis gonzalez’s inspiration band feat. henry grimes – east of the

river nile – daagnim

sonic liberation front – ashe a gogo – high two

secret chiefs 3 – book of horizons – web of mimicry

dj rupture – special gunpowder – tigerbeat6

!!! – louden up now – touch and go

jesse sykes & the sweet hereafter – oh, my girl – barsuk

suran song in stag – kitty igloo & the plastic stereo – cruel music

tim hecker – mirages – alien8  CC

the anomoanon – joji – temporary residence

fiery furnaces – blueberry boat – rough trade

nomo – nomo – ypsilanti

jens lekman – maple leaves – secretly canadian

various – por vida: a tribute to the songs of alejandro escovedo – or

red krayola – singles – drag city

the gris gris – the gris gris – birdman

oh no – the disrupt – stones throw

fly pan am – n’écoutez pas – constellation  CC

six organs of admittance – the manifestation – strange attractors audio house

autistic daughters – jealousy and diamond – kranky

the beans – bassplayer – intr_version  CC

von freeman – the great divide – premonition

the ex – turn – touch and go

maplewood – maplewood – tee pee

will johnson – vultures await – misra

neotropic – white rabbits – mush

rokia traore – bombwoi – nonesuch

steel pulse – african holocaust – ras/sanctuary

the telepathic  butterflies – songs from a second wave – rainbow quartz  CC

libretto – ill-oet – dim mak

young jazz giants – young jazz giants – birdman

frausdots – couture, couture, couture – sub pop

sagor and swing – orgelplaneten – hapna

montag – alone, not alone – gooom  CC

various – batsi’ son – latitude

nick cave and the bad seeds – abattoir blues/the lyre of orpheus – anti

blood brothers – crimes – v2

jon brion – I heart huckabees o.s.t. – milan

isis – panopticon – ipecac

bohren & der club of gore – black earth – ipecac

hala strana – these villages – soft abuse

adrian crowley – a strange kind – ba da bing

burning spear – sounds from the burning spear: burning spear at

studio one – soul jazz

various – the sound of philadelphia – soul jazz

brian eno re-issues – virgin

mike brooks – the earth is the fullness – moll-selekta

jah division – dub will tear us apart – the social registry

nora o’connor – ’til the dawn – bloodshot

c’mon – midnight is the answer – maple music  CC

gang gang dance – gang gang dance – fusetron

andrew peckler – nocturnes, false dawns & breakdowns – scape

philip jeck & janek schaefer – songs for europe – asphodel

anders parker – tell it to the dust – baryon

mastodon – leviathan – relapse


moskos’s favs of 2004 no order, no reason! – music resources coordinator/host of if you got ears!

ramon sender – world food – locust ( quite possibly the sickest loop music EVER. This one never really stopped playing in my mind after i heard it)

ilhan mimoroglu – agitation – locust

josephine foster and the supposed – all the leaves are gone – locust (first off, I will not, under any circumstances leave this off because locust music has two records on my list already, secondly my love for this has nothing to do with shirley collins. josephine writes incredible songs and Brian Goodman on guitar is reaaaaaly smokin’)

yesterdays new quintet – stevie – stones throw ( love how sloppy this gets, by far the loosest covers album since the last Unireverse cd-r)

various – third unheard: conneticut hip hop 79-83  – stones throw (a summer record if there ever was one, how much do I want an OG copy of Pookie Blow’s Get Up and Go To School twelve?… a lot)

mouthus – s/t – psych – o – path (this blew  me and edu away all summer, what is this music? is it evil? is it magic? dunno but turns out these are two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, i thought they’d be mutant vikings, with tatooed faces and strange facial hair)

daniel menche  – eye on the steel – alien8

yellow swans – bring the neon war home – narnack

gong – acid motherhood – voiceprint (cover alone makes this one of the year’s best, photoshoped picture of Gong’s  Deavid Allen, pregnant, touching his own ass, plus its the tightest you’ll hear Kowabata on any of the 200 records he made this year)

cursed – one – deathwish  (saw these guys play in Hamilton, prob the first show i saw in 2004 and they fucking drained the power in the club twice, shutting all the lights off and everything. Heavy heavy kids)

ghostface – the pretty toney album – def jam (y’know dude is dude! i just love how he’ll rap over anything, just throw on some old soul joint and he’ll bust over that!)

joanna newsom – the milk eyed mender – drag city ( i am obviously not the only person who had their pants charmed right the fuck off by this wierd pixie lady and her harp, best harp record since Alice Coltrane’s Transcendence Lp on Warner)

charalambides – joy shapes – kranky ( a true psychedelic record, as in, truley replicating, in some strange way any real psychedelic experience i’ve ever had)

excepter – ka – fusetron (i’ve been somewhat bummed at the seemingly repetitive nature of the last few years worth of noneck records, at least since sticks and stones, this although only featuring one ex-member of the band, is where they should be at. spaced synth freakouts like how it should be)

hella/four tet – divorce series I – ache

old time relijun – lost light – k

oneidea – secret wars  – secretly canadian (this band has the best organ player, really choppy rhythmic playing that i love, he plays a mellotron on one of these songs too)

whilst – whilst vs. stereophobic – self  (whilst jamming with chris watson field recordings of a storm….righteous!)

william s. fischer – circles – water

dreamcatcher – s/t cassette – pink triforce (local duo  that i got to see many times this year in many places….these recordings where done in a local bar called Missy Bar while the bar was closed, results have a Labatt 50 dew on ’em but its spazzy rhythmic and def beyond everything i’ve come to expect from a drummachine/turntable and handmade noise machine duo)

various – sound of philedelphia vol 2 -souljazz ( i went to philly for the first time this year and i loved it. this comp, tru to souljazz form, is a never ending series of beautifull philly soulll/funk/proto-disco masterpieces)

dave burrel full-blow trio – expansion – high two (great new aum fidelity sub label. with a trio comprised of wm parker, andrew cyrill and dave burrel you can’t really go wrong)

comets on fire – blue cathedral – sub pop (this is by far one of the best records period to come out for a long time, probably the first perfect record of its kind since Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Bigmuff)

nas – thief’s theme 12″ – columbia records (cuttin’ two copies of the funkiest iron butterfly cover version ever)

secret mommy – hawaii 5.0 – ache (bonkers cut ups, sounds like a freaking Lonnie Tunes cartoon in hawaii on very digital drugs, and i love hawian kitch records)

le fly pan am – n’ecoute pas – constellation records (one of the best live bands in montreal. and they’ve been talking big game about pop music for years and finally they make a pop record)

various – princess nicotine : folk and pop music of myanmar/burma vol

1 – sublime frequencies (this whole series is great. just chose this one for no particular reason but the palestine or morocco issues could just as easily be on  my list)

khanate – things viral – load

go-betweens – delux double cd sampler –  jetset (i guess i missed this band first time around, actually i’ve never heard of this band before period, but its kinda nice…really nice actually, and i usually don’t get with this type of stuff)

unicorns – 2014/esmaculate the musculine 7″ – suicide squeeze (i guess i missed this band first time around, actually i’ve never heard of this band before period, but its kinda nice…really nice actually, and i usually don’t get with this type of stuff…nah. not really… just two of the best songs these guys have writen and produced nicely ect)

wolf eyes -burned mind – subpop (not your average skate-punk band but trust me they are one)

prince po – the slickness – lex

bobby beausoleil – lucifer rising ost – arcanum