Chris d’Eon Hosts The Montreal Sessions

Montreal-based composer/producer Chris d’Eon hosts The Montreal Sessions November 30th.

Since he started the d’Eon project in the late 2000s, Montreal-based composer/producer Chris d’Eon has created a wide catalog of works that defy easy classification. His bottomless toolbox of contrasting styles and compositional frameworks contains everything from richly melodic keyboard music to glitched algorithmic abstractions to high-definition pop and R&B adjacent songwriting , to holy post-classical minimalism, to unabashed dance floor bangers.

All of these vocabularies cohere into polyglot practice defined by restless experimentation and ever-evolving complex forms. In the early 2010s, the dearly missed LA-based label Hippos in Tanks released six of d’Eon’s albums, including many entries in. his ongoing Music For Keyboards series, and his split LP with Grimes called Darkbloom in 2011. Uniting contemporaries like James Ferraro, Arca, Dean Blunt, Laurel Halo, and Oneohtrix Point Never into one catalog, Hippos In Tanks sketched out an international electronic vanguard within which d’Eon was a proflic participant.

Since the label’s dissolution after the tragic death of founder Barron Machat in 2015, d’Eon’s music has appeared in digital self-releases, including a series of albums under the Trios banner, that continue to carve out new trails in modern electronic composition.