From The Vault: Los Microwaves (1979)

Digging through an odd cranny of the music office (where, seemingly, an old music director/volunteer had set aside some records for Venus Radio), we found this gem of a record.

Formed in San Francisco in 1979, new-wave/post-punk/synth-pop band Los Microwaves released only a few singles/EPs and one full length: Life After Breakfast.  Shooting the gap somewhere between Devo/Gang of Four/XTC and teeming with that particular brand of cheeky erratic humour that defines so many of those artists.  Singer/synth + bass player Meg Brazill’s vocals are upbeat and break the monotony of male-fronted… dance punk???

Closing track here:

Life After Breakfast can be purchased as a re-issued LP/DVD from Dark Entries Recordings