No One Is Illegal Reports on the Zeiger Trial

On today's edition of No One Is Illegal Radio, part of No Borders Media and Off The Hour on CKUT 90.3fm, we examine the trial and verdict of neo-Nazi Charles Sohier Chaput, known by the pseudonym Zeiger.

Zeiger was one of the most prolific and important neo-Nazi propagandists in North America, a key contributor to vile online sources of hate like the Iron March and Daily Stormer. Due to the steadfast work of anti-fascists, Zeiger was exposed in 2018 as Gabriel Sohier Chaput, living in Montreal. He was charged with inciting hatred towards an identifiable group, arrested in 2020, and eventually put on trial and convicted last month. No Borders Media attended that trial, from start to finish.

Today, we analyze the Zeiger trial, verdict, and the broader struggle against hate, with the important help of online hate researcher Etienne Quintal in dialogue with No Borders Media reporter Jaggi Singh.

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