Buju Banton Interviewed on Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts

Buju Banton's fourth album Til Shiloh was a massive hit. He played the now defunct Montreal Medley in March 1996 and came by CKUT for an interview with Butcher T.

This was not the first time he performed in Montreal nor came to the station .  CKUT refused to co-present the Buju Banton the first concert back in 93? because of the song Boom Bye Bye (written by Buju when he was 15) and its homophobic lyrics.  A decision which still, to date, causes a lot of discussion.

The next time he came to CKUT (prior to a concert at the Medley in 95?) one of our programmers, Dave Austin,  brought their class to the station so the studio was filled with enthusiastic pre-teens.

Buju came out of a car wearing roller blades and rolled into the studios – much to the shrieking delight of everyone.  This interview happening on Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts.  We left in a few ads at the end for extra flavour.

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