CBC’s Duke Eatmon Interviews Butcher T for Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary

Longtime CKUT DJ Butcher “T” (Noon Time Cuts) was one of the foundational elements of what became Hip Hop in the late 1970’s here in Montreal and the record store he ran with Howard “Stretch” Carr (West Indian Rhythms) supplied the city with the first waves of Hip Hop records in the 80’s, supplied by weekly road trips down t0 New York City.

CBC Music anchor and occasional CKUT fill-in host Duke Eatmon brought a camera crew and emcees Mizery and Meryem Saci down to the station to talk about the past, present, and future of the culture while Butcher T cut up some old records on the turntables.

The feature begins at the 24 minute mark below:

Photos below by CKUT: