A History Of CKUT Program Guides

Trace the station's programming history and graphic design trends year by year with a look at all the program grids we found in our archives.

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A little different from Statik, these programming guides were typically just a single sheet of paper (with 2010 and 2017 being notable exceptions) used for telling the world about what was on the air any certain year.

Maybe you have something we’re missing? Please contact archivist@ckut.ca with any questions, requests, or contributions to our archives. We have some undated program guides at the bottom… give them a look and let us know if you know when they are from.

The preservation of this collection and many others on the Time Capsule blog was made possible by Library and Archives Canada’s Documentary Heritage Communities Program (2022).



November 1988:


No dates on these – maybe sometime between 1991-1995?:

March 1995:


April 1997:

No date on these – maybe around 1998?:

No date on these either – maybe 1998 as well?:

Spring 1999:

Fall 1999:

Spring 2000:

No date on this. Any ideas?:

Winter 2000:

Summer 2000:

Fall 2001:


Spring 2003:

No date – maybe early 2004?:

Winter 2004:

Summer/Fall 2005:

Fall 2005:

No date – maybe early 2006?:

Fall 2006:

Fall 2007:

Spring 2008:



2010 Full Guide (click here to view as a PDF):


The station’s logo got a makeover in 2012, standardizing the “special K” logo of past.  This undated program guide is likely  from sometime between 2012-2017:

No date on these but the program names date them around 2014-2016:

The Fall 2017 Program Guide pulled out all the stops and is worth a read (click here to view as a PDF):