Oral History with Former CKUT Spoken Word Coordinator Ian Pringle

Ian Pringle was a Bookkeeper and Spoken Word Coordinator from 1987-1991. He discovered CKUT when he was a McGill student, assigned to do a piece on CKUT getting our FM license for the student newspaper The Tribune.

Taken with the diversity and excitement of the station, he became a volunteer and ultimately a staff member.

In this interview he talks about the passion and commitment to diversity and the democratization of media. He also talks about the profound impact people like Martha Marie Kleinhans, Lisa Vinebaum, Christof Migone and especially hosts of the Homo Show, David Shannon and Donnie Rossiter had on him.

He also recollects the infamous and historic turning points in the Queer Community, the death of Joe Rose and the Sex Garage raid, police brutality and community uproar. He went on to work internationally in communications and radio, and now resides in Ottawa.

Ian and CKUT friends. 


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