Oral History with Former Station Manager Sue Elrington

Sue arrived at the station in '86 and was station manager in the initial CKUT FM era from 1987-1989.

In this clip we talk details on the switch from cable to the FM signal, the controversy of the licence being granted to an Anglo station, digging our way out of financial debt and coordinating a stream of volunteers parading up  and down to the Mountain where our transmitter is housed for frequent – frequency tests. AND- discovering at midnight the night before we went to air for the first time, that we had to be incorporated (first call to the CRTC, second to a lawyer).

Sue on the front page of the Gazette, 1988

Also the writing of policy such as the Statement of Principles (which still is the backbone of CKUT today),  understanding what Balance of Programming means and convincing CRTC of it. the origins of “Gay Day” (the brutal murder of Joe Rose and subsequent community outcry), amazing CKUT staff and volunteers, and a wild Molson-fuelled first anniversary including an earthquake at midnight that, of course, did not stop the party.

She mentions Christof Migone, Pat Hamou, Ian Pringle, France Chevalier Stewart, Joel Savage  and has special fond memories of David Shannon and Don Rossiter.

After taking Montreal by storm, Sue moved back to her home coast, Victoria, BC, and now works in podcasting.


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