CKUT’s New Website

Over the past few years we've been reorganizing our technical capabilities with the goal of being able to support a more modern online version of our station and to make it easier for everyone on the outside to see what's happening on the inside.

It's been exciting and feels a bit like moving into a brand new building.

Click here to sort our programming by genre tags, or here for a weekly schedule.

Curious what music or features are on the air at any given time, or in an archived episode? Several radio programs are already taking advantage of the new site’s public playlisting capabilities:


          Funky Revolutions

                    Disaster Sources

          Venus Radio

Folk Directions

Modular Systems

Terminal 5

Sleepy King

Cha Cha Cha In Blue

Free Kick


If You Got Ears

All Things McGill

World Skip The Beat

Drastic Plastic

Harmony Express

You Need A Heart To Live 2

Jazz Amuck

Metallic Montreal

Howls From Hell

Country Classics

Go check out their pages and leave a comment to say hello.

Many of the shows making track lists are also titling their episodes in our archives so you can spot special guests, features, etc.

Our Music, Spokenword, and Time Capsule blogs are all revamped from the ground up and stocked with tasty posts to peruse. Or scroll all the way down to the bottom of any page to see recent archives of especially great programming. The News page is the place to go for station wide updates, which we’ll also be posting to the home page.

Click here for a quick history of CKUT’s past websites to see how far we’ve come.

This website project was generously funded by the CRFC via the 2020-2021 Radiometres program.